Reasons to List With WCYS


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The question we hear more often than not is “Why should I use a broker to sell my boat”. The answer is simple; we take the hassle out of selling your boat. Who wants to try to sell their boat and then deal with all the prop kickers coming around for a free sea trial?

Many major online advertising services are only available to eligible yacht brokerage firms representing multiple boats for sale on behalf of an owner/seller. These online adverting services do not offer services directly to the individual owner/seller.

Yacht brokers work much like real estate agents; they work hard to facilitate the sale of their listings and to protect and promote the interest of their clients. Brokers in California and Florida require licensing of their yacht sales executives. Most brokers in the US and Canada prefer to sign a “Central Agency Listing” with the owner/seller, providing the most value to all parties. We at World Class Yacht Sales work co-operatively with other brokers on a co-brokerage basis. Yacht brokers charge a commission when the vessel is sold, and the commission amount will be set in writing when the seller signs a listing agreement with the broker. If another broker brings a buyer to the table on a co-brokerage arrangement, the total commission will be shared between the brokers. No additional charges or fees are passed onto the seller.

The Brokers Role for the Seller

  • Determining a fair asking price – To ensure a timely sale, it is essential to ask a fair price. A broker can help establish fair-market value for the boat through access to historical industry data. This data is typically not available to the general public. At World Class Yacht Sales we begin every conversation with complementary Market Analysis.
  • Preparing the listing for the Public – The broker will prepare the listing for distribution in various electronic and print media. World Class Yacht Sales employ a professional ad writing to highlight your boat’s key features.
  • Prepare the listing for the broker-to-broker Multiple Listing Service – When you list your boat with World Class Yacht Sales, we also prepare the listing for co-brokerage by other brokers using several on-line services. We encourage other brokers to bring their buyers to our inventory so that our sellers can capitalize on every opportunity.
  • Note: Many brokers are not co-broker friendly limiting the market to their sellers. Ask your broker if they encourage co-brokerage sales before you commit to anyone.
  • Prepare the boat – Our sales executives will advise the seller of any improvements that should be made to compete within today’s market, identify possible problems and solutions, and help organize upgrades & repairs.
  • Sea Trial and Survey –Buyers should request a sea trial and the services of a marine surveyor prior to signing an Acceptance of Vessel (AOV). Buyers are responsible for absorbing the costs of any surveys and hauling the boat out of the water for inspection.
  • The Art of Negotiating The Deal – The broker can use his position as a middleman to keep the negotiations between buyer and seller moving to a successful conclusion.

To find out just how easy selling your boat can be call us at 727-945-7500.